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6.5" Dog - Caramel

6.5" Dog - Caramel

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LIL' DOODLES THE LABRADOODLE: Made from high-quality materials, this 6.5" long dog plush has soft faux-fur, sparkling eyes, and a floppy body, perfect for snuggling and cuddling. Its versatile design allows it to be positioned sitting or standing, adding extra playtime fun. With its durability, this stuffed animal can withstand all the adventures your child can imagine. Get ready for a lovable companion that's sure to steal your heart!

REALISTIC: Our realistic stuffed animal dog plush is crafted from high-grade plush materials for a soft feel. With expressive airbrushed details, it mirrors a real-life dog. Ideal for children or as an addition to collections, the variety in breeds and sizes cater to all preferences. Their unmatched quality and likeness to actual dogs make these plushies a perfect choice for all who love stuffed animals and dog plushies.

SPECIAL GIFT: Searching for the ideal present? Look no further than realistic stuffed animal dogs! These plush toys, resembling various dog breeds, are perfect for kids and dog lovers of all ages. Whether you desire a lifelike dog plush or a cuddly stuffed animal dog, these companions make a fantastic addition to any toy collection. Find your perfect match among a variety of stuffed animals and dog plushies!

BEARINGTON QUALITY: This realistic dog plushie is made with surface washable materials, ensuring both practicality and charm. Its soft, cuddly texture makes it the perfect addition to any stuffed animal dog collection. Whether you desire a playful puppy plush or a loyal companion, this stuffed animal dog from the Bearington Collection is sure to please. Bring home the joy of snuggling up with a furry friend today!

AWARD-WINNING TOYS: Bearington, the renowned toy manufacturer, has crafted exceptional stuffed animals and plush toys for 25+ years. From beloved teddy bears to lifelike dog plushies, our award-winning collections cater to babies, kids, and adults alike. Immerse yourself in our diverse range, featuring realistic stuffed animal dogs, captivating wildlife, and much more. Experience the joy of cuddling with Bearington's extraordinary creations

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