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7" Flamingo, Lil' Fifi

7" Flamingo, Lil' Fifi

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Meet Lil’ Fifi: With ultra-soft, bright pink fur, shaggy wings, and an expressive face, this 7’’ plush flamingo sits in an adorable position and is the perfect bedtime stuffed animal for any kid.

Great for cuddle time: This special gift is great for the little one in your life who could use a new and special cuddle buddy. Soft fur and plush wings make this the perfect animal to snuggle with at bed time.

Perfect gift: Stuffed animals make perfect presents for little girls, boys and all children. This adorable flamingo is the ideal gift for any animal lover.

Bearington Quality: Known worldwide for luxurious fabrics and outstanding quality, every Bearington is created with commitment to delivering custom-designed, handcrafted stuffed animals.

Keepsakes for life: For over a quarter century, Bearington has been the leader in creating award-winning stuffed animals and plush toys for babies, kids, and adults. Our collections offer everything from classic teddy bears to realistic dogs, wildlife and more.

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