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Bearington Collection

6" Baby Nick Santa Claus

6" Baby Nick Santa Claus

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ADORABLE PLUSHIE: Delight in the festive spirit with our adorably cute, 6-inch tall Santa Claus plush toy! This Christmas decoration, designed for indoor aesthetics, brings joy & warmth to any room. Our little St. Nick, sporting a classic red and white hat, is the perfect Christmas plush for you and your family. This Christmas plushie is machine washable, maintaining its charm & cleanliness. Enjoy the magic of Christmas with our plush toys!

HOLIDAY CUDDLE: Made with a plush fur and stuffing that is incomparable, he becomes an irresistible Christmas plush your child would love. This Christmas toy isn't just a toy, it's a cuddle companion, perfect for those holiday season snuggles. Radiating the mesmerizing Christmas spirit, Nick, with his cheerful demeanor, is one of those Christmas plushies that imprints lasting, joyful memories. Join the merry bandwagon and gift your child this enchanting and cuddly Christmas plush toy.

POSABLE: Welcome the festive joy indoors with our cozy Christmas plush - the tiny Santa Claus! The bean bag weighted bottom provides pose-ability for creative play or as engaging Christmas decorations indoor. Crafted with cute details and soft textures, our Santa is the perfect addition to your Christmas plushies collection! It's more than a Christmas plush toy, it's a holiday friend for your little ones.

HOLIDAY GIFT: Inject a bundle of festive happiness in your holiday season with our Santa Claus Christmas Plush. This soft, cuddly Christmas toy will make a great Christmas gift or the ideal stocking stuffer. It's bound to be loved by boys, girls and kids of all ages. Spark joy and imagination, as our Christmas plushies become a cherished part of the family Christmas tradition. It's more than just a Christmas plush toy, it's the start of countless Christmas memories.

AWARD-WINNING TOYS: Explore the magic of Christmas with our award-winning Bearington Collection. Crafted with luxurious fabrics and exceptional quality, our Santa Claus Christmas plush toy is more than just a decoration. Bringing holiday cheer into any indoor space, it serves as a charming piece of Christmas decor. Not only picture-perfect, these cuddly Christmas plushies are perfect for spreading yuletide joy.

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