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13" Dog Shih Tzu Bentley

13" Dog Shih Tzu Bentley

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 MEET BENTLEY: A 13-inch plush dog that promises cuddly times ahead. Filled with fluff, charm, and warmth, this adorable dog plush is designed to be the perfect companion for babies and kids. Its captivating cuteness adds a lively joy to any collection of stuffed animals.

CUDDLY: This excellent stuffed animal dog is made with premium plush and soft fur for an ultra-comfortable feel. Crafted with superior attention to detail, it serves as a faithful friend for kids. Its irresistible charm makes it a top choice as a stuffed dog or dog plushie.

SPECIAL GIFT: This stuffed animal dog is an ideal gift and a cherished childhood companion. Designed to look real, it provides a touch of authenticity to playtimes. A perfect playmate for kids, this realistic stuffed dog brings joy and comfort, offering a loyal friendship that stands the test of time.

BEARINGTON QUALITY: Bearington is synonymous with global excellence in plush toys. Our renowned brand is celebrated for opulent fabrics, unparalleled craftsmanship, and uniquely designed stuffed puppy and dog plushies. Elevate festivities with Bearington's holiday stuffed animals, embodying custom luxury and utmost quality.

AWARD-WINNING TOYS: Bearington's legacy spans 25 years of crafting award-winning stuffed toys. Our collection ranges from timeless teddy bears to lifelike dog plushies, feline companions, and holiday stuffed animals. For every age, our creations bring joy and comfort.

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