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13" Dog - Black & White

13" Dog - Black & White

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 MEET BUTCH: This 13'' dog plush is perfect for kids and adults who love cuddling with realistic stuffed animals. With a hand-sewn nose and premium fill, Butch is both durable and huggable. Whether you collect stuffed animals or want a special gift, Butch will bring joy. Don't settle for ordinary dog plushies when you can have this adorable companion. Get Butch today and experience the snuggly comfort of a lifelike stuffed animal dog.

READY TO HUG: Our realistic stuffed animal dog plushies are designed with love. The irresistibly soft washable fabric and floppy body make them perfect for snuggles. Child-safe weighted inner bean bags ensure safety for even the youngest children. Whether it's for your stuffed animal collection or a special gift, our dog plushies bring a lifetime of love and comfort.

SPECIAL GIFT: Realistic stuffed animal dogs are perfect presents for children. They bring joy at baby showers, birthdays, or graduations. A plush dog becomes a child's favorite toy, offering endless fun and companionship. Whether for nap time, outdoor adventures, or tough times, a stuffed dog brings joy to any boy or girl's life. Get the best stuffed animals today!

BEARINGTON QUALITY: Unmatched luxury and excellence! Our award-winning Bearington Collection of stuffed animal dogs offers globally renowned, realistic creations. Meticulously handcrafted with sumptuous fabrics, our custom-designed plush toys captivate hearts. Experience the epitome of quality and craftsmanship with Bearington, the brand that sets the standard for stuffed animals worldwide.

AWARD WINNING TOYS: For over 25 years, Bearington has crafted award-winning stuffed animals and plush toys, including lifelike dog plushies. Our collection features a wide range of realistic stuffed animals, from teddy bears to cats and wildlife designs. Delighting people of all ages, our stuffed animals bring joy and companionship. Discover the enchantment of Bearington's stuffed animal dog plush today!

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