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10.5" Monkey - Giggles

10.5" Monkey - Giggles

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 MEET GIGGLES: With ultra-soft fur for snuggling, a floppy huggable body, and an expressive face that radiates joy. This 10.5" plush monkey, the epitome of cuteness, brings a cozy jungle vibe to your arms. Giggles, the lovable stuffed animal monkey, captures hearts with its charming features.

CUDDLY: Crafted from premium plush and stuffed to perfection, this stuffed monkey plush offers unmatched comfort and huggable joy. Its soft fur and quality stuffing make it an ideal snuggle buddy or nursery decor. Gift this adorable stuffed animal monkey for pure cuddly delight!

SPECIAL GIFT: This cute monkey has soft brown fur, realistic details, and high-quality craftsmanship. Whether for playtime or bedtime, this stuffed monkey brings joy and comfort. Cherish this plush monkey for years. Own this cuddly stuffed animal monkey now!

BEARINGTON QUALITY: Renowned globally for crafting impeccable stuffed animal monkey toys. Our award-winning Bearington Collection is synonymous with sumptuous fabrics, unmatched quality, and meticulous handcrafting. Experience the epitome of luxury with our stuffed monkey plush creations, captivating hearts worldwide.

AWARD WINNING TOYS: For 25+ years, Bearington excels in crafting award winning stuffed toys. From classic teddies to lifelike cats, dogs, and wildlife designs, our pride lies in heartwarming companionship through monkey plush and stuffed animals.

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